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Yoga Classes

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Our goal is to make yoga an enjoyable and beneficial practice for every student. Our beginner-friendly classes are specifically designed to help students build a strong foundation and develop a deeper understanding of the practice. We provide a variety of classes that cater to all types of body types and skill levels, and our experienced and compassionate instructors are committed to guiding our students through their yoga journey.



 Yoga for stress relief and sound bath - Monday's 6pm

start your week by destressing the mind and body with stress relieving Yoga poses for 35 min. and the deep 25 min. relaxation of sound healing to end the day. 

Morning Hatha Yoga - Tuesday's 9:00am 

Start your day with this beginner Yoga class taking you step by step into each pose

focusing on alignment, breathe, and awareness.

Relax - Restore - Rejuvenate - Wednesday's at 6pm 

with our Restorative Yoga Stretch Class

This class will help restore and stretch tight muscles while opening areas in the hips, shoulders,

lower back etc. with emphasis on holding the poses longer.

Morning stretch - Thursday's 9:00am

wake up and feel refreshed with our morning stretch focusing on joint mobility, flexibility and calming the mind.


Aerial restorative class - Saturday's 9:30am

This class combines traditional yoga poses in the hammock used as a prop low to the ground. Enjoy a deeper stretch without stress on thee joints

Private Yoga Sessions

Privates Yoga sessions are available for groups such as athletes, runners, or any group to help there performance.  or for one-on-one sessions looking for a more private class to work for your schedule.








Michelle Kennedy Davis RYT 200

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