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beginner Aerial Yoga and try me class available

About Aerial Yoga

Aerial Yoga combines Traditional Yoga poses with step by step instructions on how to safely carry out inversions. Inversions involve turning upside down, or bringing the head below the heart. This can stimulate your nervous system and bring more oxygen and blood flow to the brain. Inversions can also boost metabolic rate, strengthen and generate mobility to the joints, create high energy levels, work the core, revive the lymphatic system, and help with circulation. Our goal is to give our students a safe and encouraging environment with approved teachers that  are credited by Yoga Alliance with over 200 hrs of  training in Yoga and Aerial Yoga.  


  • Students must arrive a minimum of 10 minutes before the start of class to size the hammock properly

  • Limited to 4 Students. Recommend pre-registering:

  • Aerial Late Cancellation Fee is $15 if not cancelled within 6 hours before class begins

  • If no-show, full price of class charged because hammock was reserved and another student was not able to practice

  • yoga mats required.

  • Weight limit 225 lbs
  • No make up classes unless instructor must cancel class.
  • No refunds - Must call if you cannot make the classes at least 1 week before registered classes begin. You may enter the next workshop; offer expires 3 months after registration.


  • Wear short or long sleeves (no tank tops) so that deodorant doesn’t damage the fabric and for your comfort in poses in the hammock.

  • Wear clothing with no zippers or sharp points.
    No jewelry (we have storage for you if you take it off there!), make-up, essential oil, or perfume on your body because it will damage the hammock.



  • Please talk to the instructor before class if you have any concerns. People who have heart disease, high blood pressure, vertigo, eye diseases (such as glaucoma), or are pregnant should consult their doctors first before trying inversions.

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